Cost-effective and focused on your circumstances

As a leading consultant in greenhouse construction, we at DLVge focus on every aspect relating to construction, energy, permits and the environment. With our current, far-reaching knowledge and a healthy dose of common sense, we move forward together with our clients, for our clients. We are always on the hunt for the most suitable solution and most cost-efficient approach. This approach may be high-tech, but this does not always have to be the case. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between the production climate and the operating costs, achieving a perfect energy balance and the proper implementation of the construction project. This makes it cost efficient and perfectly suited to your circumstances; all part of what our advisors arrange for you.

Complex and challenging or nice and straightforward, but always crystal clear

Many plans and projects can be complex, and we think that’s fantastic, but it isn’t a requirement. In practice, we keep things simple and bring it back to straightforward, understandable proportions. We have already enjoyed plenty of success with a range of complex construction projects as well as setting out energy clusters in understandable calculations. We handle complicated application processes for you and help you to plan challenging energy calculations. Because ultimately, it’s all about your business, and we make things crystal clear.

A specialist approach

At DLVge, we believe in specialism and expertise. That’s why we always work on projects with a project manager, together with a team of specialists in which each individual can be the specialist and the project manager for each project. This doesn’t only allow us to work in a more flexible way, it offers us constant access to specialist and up-to-date knowledge and a continuously strong learning curve. A process from which every client can reap the rewards!

DLV glass and energy: DLVge

DLVge is the commercial successor to the “Dienst Landbouw Voorlichting”. Privatised in the mid-1990s, we went on to specialise with a professional group within greenhouse horticulture. After separating from “DLV Plant” and “DLV Dier”, we continued completely independently in 2007 as DLV glas en energie BV and are now known simply as DLVge. We specialise in commercial consultation focused on top quality technology for greenhouse horticulture.

Our specialists

Contact one of our specialists.

Kees Kipping

Project Manager
Greenhouse construction, Screening

Gelista Alicaris

Environment, Spatial development, Licenses (NL)

Geerd van Geel

Project Manager
Greenhouse construction

Edwin Langenberg

Glass Measurements, Greenhouse construction, Licenses (NL)

Arjan van Antwerpen

Managing Director / Specialist
Energy, Heating installations

Anoeska Moens

Office Manager

Sandy van Ruijven

Environment, Certification

Richard de Jong

Project manager
Greenhouse construction

Onno Zwaan

Project Manager
Greenhouse construction, Screening, Heating installations

Ronald-Jan Post

Sustainable energy, Energy management, Greenhouse cooling

Ruud Brouwer

Project Manager
Electrical engineering, Energy, Greenhouse construction

Dick Marck

Project Manager
Greenhouse construction, Water installations

Career at DLVge

Would you like to make the difference with crystal clear solutions that are innovative, cost efficient and always tailored to the client? Then we might be looking for you! Respond to one of these vacancies with your CV and cover letter or send a speculative application to DLVge, the top consultancy firm for greenhouse construction.