Construction supervision, for a smooth completion

DLVge supervises construction projects all over the world. Your project manager will coordinate communication between contractors and you as a client, along with monitoring construction, holding construction meetings, overseeing planning, and paying attention to working safely. This helps us ensure that you get what you’ve paid for in accordance with planning and budget.


Once you’ve compared and discussed the tenders, we work with you to set up a preference list, after which the final details are sorted out with the chosen suppliers where necessary. We support you throughout the negotiations for the right installation at the best price. Our familiarity with suppliers and our neutral approach guarantee you the best price-quality ratio.


When making the best choice for an installer and supplier, it is advisable to compare equivalent tenders. To do so, clear and unambiguous support frameworks are required, and we can set these up for you to ensure that tenders run smoothly and simply and to make sure that proper choices can be made. And last but not least, these specifications mean that the constructions and installations are perfectly attuned to one another.


Because of the different rules and laws in every country, our permit specialists only work in close cooperation with local architects, and provide them with all the documents and specifications needed to fulfil the permit application.

Design for optimal results

From broad outlines to the smallest details, that is what we are focusing on in the design stage. Time-consuming and expensive adjustments during the building process can be prevented by paying sufficient attention to the coordination within the design. In this stage, we work with you to determine your wishes and requirements for your business and business processes. Innovative and cost-effective solutions when it comes to energy, water and the environment are calculated and taken into account in order to achieve the optimal result, while keeping sight of the area layout and the logistics in the business itself. As we’ve said: we take every detail into consideration.

Our specialists

Contact one of our specialists.

Kees Kipping

Project Manager
Greenhouse construction, Screening

Gelista Alicaris

Environment, Spatial development, Licenses (NL)

Geerd van Geel

Project Manager
Greenhouse construction

Edwin Langenberg

Glass Measurements, Greenhouse construction, Licenses (NL)

Arjan van Antwerpen

Managing Director / Specialist
Energy, Heating installations

Anoeska Moens

Office Manager

Sandy van Ruijven

Environment, Certification

Richard de Jong

Project manager
Greenhouse construction

Onno Zwaan

Project Manager
Greenhouse construction, Screening, Heating installations

Ronald-Jan Post

Sustainable energy, Energy management, Greenhouse cooling

Ruud Brouwer

Project Manager
Electrical engineering, Energy, Greenhouse construction

Dick Marck

Project Manager
Greenhouse construction, Water installations