Greenhouse horticulture

Investing in the future means investing in your business, with construction, renovation or new installations. But finding out what the best choices are, what is most efficient, sustainable and recoupable, and what will still be responsible after 5, 10, or 15 years depends on the business in question. Each project is tailor-made, and that’s what we offer, clearly and in accordance with well-founded principles. Because we have years of experience and expertise in creating effective solutions in greenhouse horticulture.

Greenhouse construction, from consultation to realisation

For years, DLVge has been renowned as a leading consultant in the greenhouse construction industry. We work with growers to see what type of greenhouse and what layout suits their company, taking into account the cultivation and the capabilities of the surroundings in which it is to be built. Screening, an important aspect, also receives all the attention it deserves. From advice, design and permits to construction and supervision; we expertly manage the process while ensuring the wishes of our customers remain paramount.

Heating and cooling to provide the right climate

Energy in greenhouse horticulture is essential, both for heating and cooling the greenhouse. In order to create the right climate for the crop, heating, cooling and CO2 have to be perfectly in tune with one another. This involves efficient production/purchase because of the need to deal more carefully with energy and reduce emissions. At DLVge, we have experience with all types, including CHP, heat pumps, geothermal heating, clusters, wind, and more.

Water installations

It is crucial to have enough water of sufficient quality when it comes to greenhouse horticulture. And to achieve, store and distribute this at the right points, you need modern water installations, which can include spraying, irrigation or watering, or water installations that allow recirculation so that the water available can be reused. We take a look at your water flows and provide advice on the best solution to meet all your environmental requirements.

Electrical installations, worked out and calculated according to your specifications

When it comes to electrical operations, it’s important to bring all the various components together. This automation in greenhouse horticulture is obvious, but at the same time, challenging. Complex and intertwined cultivation processes along with peripheral equipment have to be operated by computers both flawlessly and at the right moment. This calls for a clear strategy. Developments are also underway when it comes to lighting. New techniques are selected based on use, intensity, parity, efficiency and cost.

Cultivation facilities

Optimising cultivation is one of the cornerstones of a successful greenhouse construction company. This may be simply by making better use of the space in the greenhouse, by improving logistics, or by aligning techniques more closely with the needs of the grower. With all the technical expertise in house when it comes to cultivation facilities, you can expect solid advice from us, whether this involves taking into account pot sizes, crate storage, trolley dimensions, or the choice of the type of tables or growing gutters. We ensure that your end result is optimal.

Our specialists

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Kees Kipping

Project Manager
Greenhouse construction, Screening

Geerd van Geel

Project Manager
Greenhouse construction

Arjan van Antwerpen

Managing Director / Specialist
Energy, Heating installations

Richard de Jong

Project manager
Greenhouse construction

Onno Zwaan

Project Manager
Greenhouse construction, Screening, Heating installations

Ronald-Jan Post

Sustainable energy, Energy management, Greenhouse cooling

Ruud Brouwer

Project Manager
Electrical engineering, Energy, Greenhouse construction

Dick Marck

Project Manager
Greenhouse construction, Water installations

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