Energy for your business

Within the horticultural industry, energy forms a major cost. It is crucial to pay attention to detail. With smart management, you can make sustainable and better choices, meaning the combination of energies used is perfectly attuned to your wishes and your business. That’s the essence of tailor-made work, and that’s exactly what DLVge is offering its customers to ensure that the energy balance in your business is heading in the right direction.

Optimal energy management in your business

Energy management for your business is all about the smart management of all energy flows; heat, cold, light and CO2. To create and store this in the right ratio for your business, you need a sophisticated balance. A way in which to optimise the right energy flows and to manage the energy package you want in the most efficient way possible. All in all, energy management where we can support you from consultation to production and monitoring.

Investment and subsidy

We examine your business and the energy distributions required to ensure the right climate. But we also figure out what the ideal operating equipment for you is; what are the energy requirements and energy production? This allows us to precisely calculate what you need. Are you investing in a CHP, heat pumps, lighting, green energy, aquifers, geothermal heating, or something totally different? And what are the costs and possible subsidies? We answer all of these questions so that you know exactly what the best combination of energy is.

Energy savings and energy optimisation

It’s always interesting to do more with less, and it’s made possible by using energy, either through energy savings or simply by optimisation. The best solution for your company depends on a whole range of factors. What is the cultivation, what does your greenhouse look like, and how is energy generated and used? We look into where the profit for your company lies and immediately provide you with clear, well-founded advice on how you can achieve the situation you want.

Sustainability thanks to the right combination of energy

Sustainable cultivation can be interesting for several different reasons: ideologically, because you want to contribute towards a better world. Or economically, because you want to pay less or achieve better results. Sustainability and the environment are here to stay. This means you can receive subsidies for sustainable energy use, or add market value to your product because it can be sold as ‘sustainably grown’. With a well thought-out plan, we can work out the perfect combination of energy for you and offer our support if required during implementation, meaning sustainability can yield impressive results in your business too!

Our specialists

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Arjan van Antwerpen

Managing Director / Specialist
Energy, Heating installations

Ronald-Jan Post

Sustainable energy, Energy management, Greenhouse cooling

Ruud Brouwer

Project Manager
Electrical engineering, Energy, Greenhouse construction

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